Shrubs and Hedges in Magnolia

Shrubbery is commonly used around homes for a number of different purposes. At Green Team Landscapers LLC we are familiar with all types of shrub and hedges styles and pruning methods. We pride ourselves in providing the best possible service, which is comprised of expert knowledge, professional execution and intentional customer care. This makes us an excellent choice for your landscaping needs in the Magnolia area.

Expert Services

There are various types of shrubs that tend to fall into one of three categories:

  1. deciduous
  2. coniferous
  3. broad-leaved evergreens

Depending upon the state of your land and the lawn design that you desire to achieve, there are certain types of greenery that would be best and others that you should avoid. Also, the Magnolia weather must be factored in as well.

At Green Team Landscapers LLC we consider all of these factors and utilize our extensive knowledge to develop a plan that meets the desires of our clients. We understand that each lawn is different and that our clients have their own vision for their landscape. Therefore, we strive to provide unique solutions for every lawn that we service. Not only do we focus on the aesthetic aspects, but we also make sure that our efforts help to increase or maintain the health of the land.

Professional Lawn Care

Along with shrub and hedges care we run the full gamut of landscaping services. This allows us to provide you with the best service possible. For example, should you desire to remove the current shrubs in your yard and replace them with different ones or new greenery, we know the best possible options to fit your situation. Or, after a harsh season should you need assistance taming or saving your hedges we know the proper pruning methods to get your shrubbery back on track.

To ensure that the lawn care methods are successful it is important that they be continued after a treatment. Therefore, clients should be knowledgeable of proper care techniques to maintain the health of the lawn between services. For this reason we find it imperative to keep our clients informed of the methods and procedures that we use. We also take into account the clients’ preferences and inputs to ensure that the finished product meets their standards. This helps to enhance client satisfaction as well as ensure the health of the land.

Get in Touch and Contact Us

At Green Team Landscapers LLC our passion for landscaping is evident. We stay up-to-date with the newest techniques and technologies, and apply them in our work. As professionals we make it our duty to know the different types of shrub and hedges options and use this knowledge to cultivate unique landscape designs for our clients. To ensure the continued maintenance and proper care of the lawn we educate our clients on the methods used and answer any questions they may have. The combination of our passion, knowledge and client care help to support the healthy growth of our clients’ landscapes.

We would love the opportunity to join with you in creating the landscape of your dreams. For a consultation, contact us today, either by phone or through the contact form.