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Foundation Drainage

Foundation Drainage

A well-built foundation should provide a sturdy base for your property while also protecting it from the elements. If you have noticed water seeping into your basement or excessive humidity, this could mean that you have an issue with drainage around your foundation.

With that in mind, Green Team Landscapers LLC is your source for dependable irrigation and drainage systems that will help keep the lower level of your property clean and dry.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, get in touch with us at (206) 306-5009.

Signs You Might Consider Foundation Drainage

Our professionally installed footing drains are a valuable addition to any property that has water collecting around the foundation. That being said, it isn’t always easy to tell if this is the right solution for the issues you are experiencing. We recommend keeping an eye out for the following issues and contacting us to take a look if you find:

  • Excess humidity in your basement
  • Water leaks
  • Mold growing at the base of your walls
  • Cracks in your foundation
  • Water pooling around your property

Personalized Consultations on Foundation Drain Installation

If you are constantly at odds with your wet basement, know that we work hard to provide our clients with effective and long-lasting solutions for perimeter drainage. We hope to do everything we can to help you understand the benefits of our work and why we are the right team for the job. We begin by fully inspecting your property to determine details, such as the slope of your property and any underground utilities. Once we have fully assessed your property, we can set up a plan for completing the work and provide you with a valuable basement drainage system.

Effective Property Draining

Our expertly designed foundation drainage systems are guaranteed to help keep your sloped property safe and dry. Our skilled team will determine the best places to dig drainage trenches along your foundation and then fill them with piping that allows water to flow away from your property. The care and attention that we place into every job help us ensure high-quality work that will prove to be a worthwhile addition to your real estate.

Perimeter Drainage That Won’t Take Away Your Curb Appeal

If you are worried about our foundation drainage systems detracting from the appearance of your landscape, let us put your concerns to rest. We make sure that our drainage networks are covered with gravel or topped with soil and grass to ensure that your property still looks amazing when we are done.

Your Source for Property Drainage

If you have a persistent water problem around your foundation, it most likely won’t go away until you do something about it. The professional foundation drainage systems from Green Team Landscapers LLC are highly effective at directing water away from your property, protecting it and keeping it dry. Find out more and schedule a consultation today by calling (206) 306-5009.